Below is the schedule for Formal Membership Recruitment 2018. Keep in mind you will have meetings with your Rho Gamma group before and after each days recruitment events. Recruitment utilizes a mutual selection process. After each round, you will have the opportunity to provide your preference of chapters you wish to attend in the next round. In a similar manner, chapters will decide who they would like to invite back to the next round. The maximum number of chapters that you can return to throughout the week decreases each day.


  • Wednesday, January 17 – Residence halls open and informational meeting day: Dorms open at 9am. Mandatory Informational Meeting, 7pm, Bailey Hall.

During this meeting you will learn about the recruitment process and will split up into your Rho Gamma groups. This is a mandatory meeting and you should attend. If you cannot be there expect a call from your Rho Gamma to go over the information shared. If you have not paid as yet, you must pay at this meeting.


  • Thursday, January 18 AND Friday, January 19 – Round 1 Open House: Events begin at 9:00 am and go to 5:40pm on the first day and 4:40pm on the second.

During this round you will visit all 13 of the chapters, and have one on one conversations with sisters. Many chapters share a story or two with you about their sisterhood. You have a scheduled break for lunch at which time you will eat on north, central, or west campus. You will be provided lunch and this cost is already included in your recruitment fee.


  • Saturday, January 20 – Round 2 Chapter Experience: Events begin at 8:00am and end at 6:40pm

During this round, chapters may provide a tour of their house, and you will be provided information on chapter finances and what it is like to live in a sorority house. You will go to a maximum of 9 chapters this day with one break. Usually these tours are done in smaller groups. Feel free as always to ask questions. You have a scheduled break for lunch.


  • Sunday, January 21 – Round 3 Philanthropy and Values: Events begin at 9:00am and end at 5:10pm

During this round you will learn the national and local organization’s charity efforts. Each of the chapters host events to support their causes and you will be able to learn more about these opportunities. You will also get to participate in an activity planned by the chapter to get a sense of the chapter’s personality. You will attend a maximum of 6 chapters this day.


  • Monday, January 22 – Preference Round: Events begin at 10:30am and end at 5:30pm

During this round you will be part of rituals that represent the chapters. This round is the most serious of the events. Be prepared for a ceremony. Preference focuses on what you will gain out of joining a sorority as well as the connections you have made thus far. You will attend a maximum of 2 chapters. Immediately following your last event in this round, will go to the Willard Straight Hall Memorial Room to sign your Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA). For more information on the MRABA please see below.


  • Tuesday, January 23 – Bid Day: Begins at 7pm!

Bid day is a celebration for new members with their chapter. New members will be directed to meet the chapter at a location on campus. The chapter will then escort the new members to their house or other location for games or other fun activities. This is a chance for the new members and the chapter to get to know each other. Chapters typically include more information about Bid Day in the bid card.