Below are general guidelines to help you figure out what to wear during recruitment that is both reflective of your personality and appropriate for the given round. Recruitment attire is increasingly formal throughout the week, starting with casual attire for round 1 and ending with semi-formal attire for round 4. All of this information will be reviewed during the mandatory meeting that takes place the evening before recruitment begins. Feel free to reach out to your Rho Gamma before recruitment begins for help with any dress code concerns, but please do not fixate too much on what to wear. Most importantly; dress comfortably, be yourself, and remember to stay warm!

Here are the general guidelines:

Round 1: Open Houses, Panhellenic T-shirt

 You will be provided a Panhellenic T-shirt, included with your registration fee, to wear for the first round of recruitment. Dress comfortably and and feel free to wear a light jacket, as the t-shirts will be short-sleeved.

Round 2: Chapter Experience, Casual Attire

Dress like you are going: on a first date; out to brunch with friends.

For this round, any casual pair of pants with a shirt or sweater is appropriate.  Footwear is also casual; boots and flats are the most common.

Round 3: Philanthropy and Values, Dressy Casual

Dress like you are going: to a family holiday gathering; to dinner at a nice restaurant.

This round is slightly more formal than round one. Full-on business attire is not recommended for this day. A top paired with dark pants or a non-business skirt is appropriate for this round, as is a business casual dress.  Most commonly, nicer flats or boots are worn for round two.

Round 4: Preference Ceremony, Semi-Formal Attire

Dress like you are going: to a wedding, to a formal banquet

This round is the most formal of recruitment. Many wear semi-formal dresses and nice shoes such as heels, but anything equally formal is acceptable.

The preceding descriptions and photos are merely examples of a wide range of attire that is appropriate for recruitment. It is not suggested that you purchase new clothing or change your personal style to suit the descriptions. The intention with providing descriptions is to allow you to feel comfortable and confident during recruitment by showcasing examples of how formal each day is. Anything that is comparable is acceptable.


It is strongly encouraged that potential new members wear boots or warm footwear outside to walk around in and bring along a change of shoes. If you choose to wear a skirt or a dress, it is also strongly encouraged that you layer with sweatpants.  Make every effort that you keep warm for this week, as you will be outside at several points throughout the day.

Feel free to ask your Rho Gamma if you have any questions about what to wear, for rounds or for outside, but please do not fixate on attire too much. Remember, dress comfortably, be yourself, and remember to stay warm!