The New York Delta chapter of Pi Beta Phi national fraternity for women prides itself on the diversity of its membership. We certainly share common interests, aspirations, and concerns which enable us to call each other sisters, but it is our common respect for difference which most links us in this organization. This diversity translates into a spectrum of needs and expectations for the sorority to fulfill. Therefore, the chapter’s aims are as various as the interests of its members. The sorority relies on the diverse perspectives of its members to make it a dynamic organization. Of course, underlying this range of goals among the members of our chapter are the unifying national goals of moral, mental and social advancement. These goals are clearly illustrated through our emphasis on service, programming and sharing fun times together. The chapter aims to provide a positive experience for each sister- an experience which encompasses the achievement of all three of these goals. Most importantly, however, our aim is to foster friendships. In doing so, the chapter hopes individual members will have their unique personal expectations of chapter life fulfilled. Being a member of Pi Beta Phi at Cornell University offers the special experience of being supported by a network of phenomenal young women. The continuous strengthening of this network through the initiation of dynamic diverse new members is our goal.

Kris Lea
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