The fraternity of Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded on October 13th 1870 at Monmoth College in Monmoth Illinois. On that date 6 young women matched into a tiny chapel wearing golden keys, the fraternity badge, bearing the letters Kappa Kappa Gamma. These 6 women were Hanna Jeanette Boyd, Mary Lousie Bennet, Marth Lousia Stevenson, Mary Moore Stewart, Susan Burley Walker, and Anna Elizabeth Willets. In 1883, 5 women at Cornell University applied to Kappa Kappa Gamma for a charter and become Psi chapter 3 weeks later. They joined a strong sucessful Greek system which was stated by a Psi historian to be “deeply embedded in Cornell, both men and women.” In 1921, the chapter raised enough funds to buy a house at 508 Thurston Avenue which is still the same location of the house today.

Maddy Stanish
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