Many of the individual chapters on our campus sponsor scholarships for sisters in need or for academic merit- see each individual sorority webpage, or each chapters’ NPC homepage for more information. 

Additionally, each chapter supports the academic success of its individual members in a huge way. See our most recent academic reports for yourself to check out some of the great things sorority women at Cornell have achieved.

Feel free to look around the above section of our Cornell Student Life webpage for lots of information regarding scholarship and success in our Greek and Cornell communities! You can also check out this link for a list of even more available scholarships and their recipients, and other awards that Panhellenic women have obtained. 

In addition to scholarship programs and demonstration of excellence by way of GPA and Dean’s List, every chapter at Cornell University offers other tools for achievement. Study rooms, study groups, in-house tutoring, libraries of past-used textbooks, and smaller-scale academic rewards are all ways that sororities here congratulate their members on success in the class room. 

 The National Panhellenic Conference Foundation scholarship applications are now available on the webpage at www.npcwomen.orgin the Foundation section

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Karine Huys or 317.876.7802.

Please note that she is only in the office two nights a week, so emails generally get answered faster.