Greek Tri-Council Statement on Anti-Semitic Incident

This morning, students on campus awoke to news of yet another hateful and discriminatory act on Ithaca’s campus. This Anti-Semitic act is deplorable — it warrants support for those impacted, and requires a call to action on behalf of the Cornell community. Anti-Semitism, white supremacy, and any other hateful sentiments have absolutely no place on this campus. This type of hatred is disturbing and we stand in solidarity with all of those who have been impacted by these events.

We stand alongside the countless other campus organizations who have made efforts to speak out against these actions, and remained committed to working alongside them in the future to combat these issues. We are encouraged that chapter presidents from PHC and IFC historically Jewish, Jewish-interested, or Jewish-values based fraternities and sororities are responding to these reprehensible attacks with their own statement. 

Recently, the Greek Tri-Council compiled together a 9-page diversity & inclusion plan in response to other acts of discrimination and bias on Cornell’s campus. We remain committed to this plan and will continue to look for ways to expand it such that it protects and supports all members of the community. Efforts to combat bias and discrimination on Cornell’s campus are ongoing, and diversity and inclusion will continue to be the Greek Tri-Council’s top priority until every Cornell student feels safe on this campus.

We encourage people to utilize the many resources available at Cornell, available here.


Caitlin Gleason ’18, PHC President
Drew Lord ’18, IFC President
Brianna Barrett ’18, MGLC President