Greek Tri-Council Statement on Recent Bias Incident

The following is in response to a message from VP of Student & Campus Life Ryan Lombardi. 

Less than a week after one egregious incident of bias hit our campus, here we are reeling from another. Let us be clear: We are outraged. We are disgusted. This is not okay.

No one in the Cornell community should feel unsafe or threatened on this campus. As leaders, we will speak out against such incidents — no matter where they occur, or who they impact. Now more than ever, we’re committed to be a fighting force against bias and discrimination. 

We mentioned last week that acts of hatred, intolerance, and violence against any persons is not and will not be tolerated in our community. We do not need these incidents to recognize that there is a problem in our community, on our campus, and in this world. This is a problem we’ve all been fighting for a while. 

Still, we understand that speaking out is not all that can be done. Tri-Council leaders, alongside University partners, have been working this past week to put together a plan for our community moving forward. We expect to make this plan available next week, and implore any interested stakeholders to reach out to us with ideas with what tangible actions we should include in this plan. 

To everyone impacted by this incident, please believe us when we say that we are on your side. We want to work with you, hear you out, listen to your ideas, and support you in whatever ways possible. Our work isn’t over.

Caitlin Gleason, PHC President
Brianna Barrett, MGLC President
Drew Lord, IFC President